Committed to Excellence

Driven by Quality

We know how important it is to keep your car safe and on the road. We also know how much you value having a trustworthy garage to help when you do need routine maintenance and repairs.

We help you, by comparing local garages and only suggest those who have passed our robust vetting process.

You can be confident our Service Providers meet high standards of quality and customer service.

Robust Selection

All Service Partners join our network after going through a robust vetting process and only authorised repairers can provide quotes for work.

We make quality standards a top priority, with an on -going moderation process, which ensures customer feedback and complaints are fully reviewed and investigated

We work continuously to improve what we do and how we do it, always ensuring we use our customer reviews and suggestions to help prioritise our decisions.

"We are serious about providing customers with a vetted and moderated choice when they get to choose a service provider. With more than 30% of customers choosing recommendation over price and location, it is clear we must continue to ensure our customers are presented with a trusted choice with independent quality recommendations"

Scott Hamilton

Our Commitment

  • We'll always strive to save you time, money and hassle.
  • We, and our partner networks, will be honest and clear in all dealings with you.
  • Our approved service providers will be realistic about when they can do the work and how long it will take.
  • We'll always moderate all service providers before we approve them and continually review their quality of work and performance.
  • We'll always provide clear and transparent charges. No work will be undertaken and charged for unless you authorise it first.
  • We'll only allow approved service providers to quote for your work.
  • We'll always return phone and email messages promptly, be courteous and treat you with respect.
  • We'll deal with complaints promptly and professionally and will do all we can to resolve it to your satisfaction.
  • We'll never share your personal data with anyone other than the service providers that are quoting work for you.
  • We'll always care about you and your car.

Customers First

We monitor and review all customer feedback continually and investigate any issues thoroughly. We remove service partners who do not consistently achieve high levels of customer feedback and satisfaction


We interview all our members to make sure their values and standards match with our own.


We make sure all our members have the appropriate insurances in place including Public Liability insurance


We check all our members are registered with HMRC and that any relevant affiliations and memberships are up to date such as RAC, AA, Service Sure, ISO. See full list

Identity Checked

We validate company registration against HMRC records and do a background and ID check on all company directors

Data Secure

We only work with service partners who are GDPR compliant and who look after you personal data and security