Will My Car Be Insured If I Drive Without a MOT During Lockdown?

May 11, 2020

Will My Car Be Insured If I Drive Without a MOT During Lockdown?

A lot of drivers throughout the UK are finding themselves concerned about the implications the coronavirus outbreak could have on their car insurance. One relief many drivers will have is that the UK Government has deferred MOT tests for six months if your test expires on or after 30 March, but how does this affect insurance during lockdown for these cars?

We all know that we still need to avoid all unnecessary travel, but we can use our cars to shop for food, work or medical reasons. If you are using your car, you still need to keep your car in a roadworthy condition even if your MOT has been delayed as a result of the six-month extension period.

Am I insured during lockdown without a MOT?

Despite the MOT extension period, you still need to update your insurance cover to drive during this current lockdown period. Currently, there are no special exemptions in place when it comes to car insurance, even for those who are classed as key workers.

The Association of British Insurers issued guidance stating that key workers needing to drive their cars for work that is critical to the national response against coronavirus (those who maybe do not have a policy covering commuting) will be covered without having to update their insurance company. This applies is you’re using your car for voluntary purposes, such as volunteering for the NHS.

You still need to pay for your car insurance during lockdown!

It does not matter how long the lockdown lasts, motorists who keep their car on public land need to continue paying their car insurance, even if the vehicle is going to be parked up until this is all over. Insurance policies can be renewed online as usual, and many providers are still contactable through their normal channels.

Motorists who do not want to keep their car insured have the option to register their vehicle as off the road (SORN) provided it is stored on private ground.

Keeping your car roadworthy during lockdown

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