What is the Earliest I Can Get an MOT?

Dec 21, 2020

What is the Earliest I Can Get an MOT?

Our car’s annual MOT test and service both have a way of creeping up on us at the wrong time, such as when bills are due, around Christmas or when your insurance also needs renewing. Perhaps you want to plan and start by booking in your MOT early. But exactly how early can you book an MOT test for your car?

What is the earliest I can book my car in for an annual MOT test?

You may be surprised that this may be a very common question, and the easiest way to answer this is anytime you choose. However, there are a few factors that you will need to take into consideration before choosing when exactly to bring your car in.

An MOT test can be carried out up to one calendar month before the expiry date stated on your MOT certificate and you will still have the same expiry date.

If you have a test carried out a month before the MOT certificate expires, you will effectively have a certificate for 13 months. If you take your car more than a calendar month before the expiry date, the new certificate will be valid for 12 months from the test date, meaning you will have a new expiry date.

What if my MOT has expired?

If you have failed to take your car for an MOT test before the expiry date on your certificate, then you should be aware that it is illegal to drive your vehicle and if you’re found doing so, you will receive points on your license as well as a fine. There are a few exemptions with an expired MOT:

● You can drive your car if you are taking it to a pre-arranged MOT test

● You can drive your car if you are taking it to or from somewhere to be repaired Can I check my MOT status?

If you are unsure of exactly when your MOT test is due to expire, you can head to Gov.uk to check the MOT status of your vehicle.

Do you need to find a garage to carry out your MOT test?

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