What is an ECU Replacement?

Oct 1, 2019

What is an ECU Replacement?

An ECU is a vital component of your cars electronic module that is responsible for the function of your engine. Even though it is a crucial part of your car, a lot of people don’t even know it exists.

If an ECU is not properly looked after and maintained, then it will lessen your ability to safely and effectively drive your car on the road. Putting yourself and others in danger.

MyCarNeedsA.com has therefore created this blog so that you can learn and understand more about an ECU, what it is, what it does and signs that your ECU needs to be repaired.

What is an ECU and What does it do?

ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, and it’s a component of your car’s on-board computer that is responsible for controlling key elements of your engine systems and functions.

There are a number of sensors that are located throughout your car’s engine which all feed information into the ECU which processes it all.

A good example of one of these sensors can be found in your catalytic converter:

Inside of your catalytic converter is a sensor which is responsible for monitoring the levels of oxygen in the exhaust system which is linked directly to your ECU.

If there is something wrong with your catalytic converter, then the sensor will pick this information up and deliver it to your ECU. Your ECU then processes this information and detects that there is a problem with your catalytic converter.

Your ECU is also responsible for letting you, the driver, know that it has found something wrong, and will trigger the warning light on your dashboard to make you aware of what it has found.

Signs that your ECU Needs Repaired

One of the easiest symptoms that let you know that there is a problem with your ECU is if your check engine warning light is on.

Yes, this can mean that there is something wrong with your engine and you should pull over right away and make sure everything is okay before you continue driving.

However, it could also mean that your ECU has detected an issue with its components, circuits and/ or sensors. As a result, to let you know it triggers the check engine light.

The worst symptom you can experience with a faulty ECU is that your car will not start. This happens as a result of information not being able to be delivered to the engine and therefore not being able to carry out its job.

ECU Repair Cost

If you are in need of an ECU replacement, then head over to our website where you can find the cheapest deals from your local garage.

All you need to do is enter your reg.

Yes, it’s really that easy!


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