What is a Car Safety Check?

Jan 26, 2021

What is a Car Safety Check?

What is a Car Safety Check?

We all love to get behind the wheel, but before we do, we should always take a few minutes to ensure everything is in good working order before we set off. Sometimes, it’s not enough just buckling up and checking our mirrors, going through a basic vehicle safety check can be lifesaving and help you save money on repairs by detecting any problems sooner, rather than later. In this article, we are going to take you through the things that you should always check on your car before setting off.

Check your tyres

The first thing you want to consider looking at is the tyres, these are the most likely to be damaged when you’re driving as they come into regular contact with the road. You want to look at the tyres, checking for any bald spots, leaks, holes, tears and more. While you’re here, you also want to check the tyre pressure.

If your tyres are in great shape and have more than the legal minimum tread, you can move on.

Check all lights

The next thing you should be looking at is another important safety feature, lights. The lights on your car help you see at night, navigate the streets and also make you visible to other drivers and road users. When carrying out the checks, look at your headlights, brake lights and indicators. If the headlights appear cloudy or dim, you’re going to need them cleaned or replaced. Get help from a friend or family member to stand at the rear of the car to make sure brake lights and indicators are working as they should be.

Are there any leaks?

No matter how new or old your car is, it’s always a good idea to look for any leaks whenever it has been parked. If your car happens to be leaking coolant or brake fluid, it could mean a big problem and you should head to a garage straight away.

Check your wipers

Your wipers are essential for giving a clear view of the road in all kinds of weather conditions. Test the wiper blades by spraying some water on the window and turn your wipers on, if they are wiping it cleanly away they are working as expected. If they are leaving smears or streaks, or making loud noises then they need to be replaced.

Check your dashboard for warning lights?

When turning your car on, are there any warning lights on the dashboard? It could be a problem that has always been there, or maybe it’s something you’re struggling to make sense of. Whatever it may be, you want to get a mechanic to look at it to see if it’s a possible warning indicating a more serious problem.

Steering tests

The next step is to check if your steering has become loose. The steering should be working as it did on the day you bought it, go to an empty, quiet place to test your steering by turning your car wheel all the way to the sides.

Does your car need to be checked over by a mechanic?

Now that you have carried out all the essential checks before you set off, do you need to get anything looked over by a mechanic? If so, MyCarNeedsA.com are here to help - we can gather quotes from local mechanics in your area to check the safety of your car. Get your quotes today!

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