What Factors Affect How Long Brake Pads Last?

May 18, 2020

What Factors Affect How Long Brake Pads Last?

Brakes are the most important safety feature on any vehicle, and it is extremely important that you know how long brake pads are going to last. In some cases, brake pads can last up to 40,000 miles but in other cases they may only last 15,000 miles. Many factors can impact how long brake pads last such as the quality of the pads fitted and driving style.

Factors having an impact on how long brake pads last

Type of brake pads

The first factor that is going to have an affect on how long your brake pads will last are the type of brake pads you have fitted. If you’re looking for a cheap fix to save some cash, it is likely you will have organic brake pads fitted and they will not last very long. Low metallic brake pads may make a lot of noise, but they have a slightly longer like expectancy than organic. If you’re willing to fit pads on the more expensive scale so that the life expectancy is increased, you can have semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads fitted.


If you’re doing a lot of miles in your car, you are using your brakes more and your brake pads are going to wear out faster. Front brake pads are likely to wear out faster than rear brake pads because the front of your car handles more of the braking load.

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What are you using your car for?

Another factor than can impact how long your brake pads last for is what you are using your car for. For example, if you do a lot of driving on the motorway to get to and from work, you may find your brake pads last longer than they would if you were doing a lot of shorter journeys around towns and cities. This is because you are less likely to be stopping for traffic lights or roundabouts.

Are you carrying excess weight?

The final factor in brake pad wear is how much weight is being carried by the vehicle. Are you towing a caravan? Is your boot fully loaded? Do you have 4/5 passengers in your car most of the time? A lighter vehicle is easier to slow down and stop with less braking effort required.

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