What Does A Car Timing Belt Tensioner Do?

Sep 11, 2019

What Does A Car Timing Belt Tensioner Do?

A timing belt tensioner maintains the right tension on the timing belt. A timing belt is made from rubber and located at the front of your car’s engine. A timing belt ensures that your car engine’s moving parts are synchronised.

Timing Belt Tensioner Function

A timing belt connects several of your engine’s main components, such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor. This belt needs to run at a constant tension to make sure that it’s producing enough power to move the pulleys, which drive all these individual components.

It’s the source of the right amount of energy (tension) to keep all these parts working together. If it doesn’t work properly you’re going to end up with a serious problem. If your timing belt tensioners are worn out, then your timing belt will fail. Mechanics will recommend that you have your timing belt tensioner replaced when the timing belt needs replaced. As everything else will lose synchronisation and your car will not run efficiently.

Keeping your timing belt in good condition is critical to your car’s engine life.

How to spot when your timing belt tensioner needs replacing

A key time to listen for signs of needing a timing belt tensioner replacement is when you’re starting your car or accelerating. You will hear a rattling noise, that could be a symptom of the belt not being pulled tight when it needs to be.

When you accelerate from low speeds, you may notice the engine’s revs suddenly climb, indicated by the noise levels increasing. This means your car isn’t picking up speed smoothly and could be attributed to your timing belt not being at the correct tension.

Keep an ear out for other squeaks and screeches as you change gears are also signs of problems with your timing belt tensioner. Your car battery warning light may appear on the dash, as the battery can lose power due to the belt not turning as quickly.

Car timing belt tensioner repair

If you have been experiencing any of the above, it’s best to get it checked ASAP! Don’t damage your engine further. Get a quote from local mechanics in your area today, all you need to do is enter your reg number!


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