What Causes Brakes to Wear Quickly?

Jun 16, 2020

What Causes Brakes to Wear Quickly?

You don’t need us to remind you that your brakes are one of the most important features in your car when it comes to safety, as they are responsible for creating the friction and forcing your car to stop. Unfortunately, not all brakes wear the same and they can wear at different rates in different circumstances and environments.

Typical brake pad wear

The things that cause brakes to wear out is general day-to-day use, as well as your driving habits and the environment you’re driving in.

    ·Someone who is driving around towns or cities is going to need to use their brakes more often than someone who is driving on the motorway or those that live in rural areas, and that causes them to wear out faster.

    ·Those car owners who drive in lower speeds most of the time are going to be easier on the brakes than someone driving at high speeds all the time.

    ·Front brake pads wear down faster than rear brake pads as the front of the vehicle handles more weight transfer as you brake, causing faster wear.

    ·Heat and friction building over time contributes to brake wear.

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How long do brakes last?

Brake wear is not an exact science therefore, every car is going to be different and will depend on the factors we mentioned above. Some car owners may find their brake pads only last them 16000 miles, whereas other car owners may find their brakes can last them up to 30000 miles. Other factors influencing how long your brakes will last are the type of car you drive, what type of brake pads are fitted, and your driving style.

My brakes are wearing out, where can I get them replaced?

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