Safety Warnings for Motorists Maximising MOT Exemption

Aug 25, 2020

Safety Warnings for Motorists Maximising MOT Exemption

Many drivers with MOTs due from 1 August are no longer part of the exemption period and need to get the MOT test as normal. Those without a MOT due date on or before the 31 July will still receive the six month exemption from testing. But The Government has been facing a lot of criticism, with many saying it’s a serious safety risk by allowing millions of motorists to keep their cars on the road until January 2021 without a current MOT.

Is the MOT extension safe?

The MOT exemption states that you must keep your car in a roadworthy condition, but when looking at the latest data from the DVSA, there are round 9% of cars on the road today that could be officially classed as having dangerous defects. The majority of these faults will be from tyres and brakes.

The Department for Transports figures state that defective tyres were a contributing factor in 17 fatal incidents back in 2018 and caused a total of 459 accidents in the year. Faulty brakes caused more than 500 accidents, some of which resulted in fatalities.

Every year many vehicles undergo their MOT test and fail, and we can only assume the number is going to rise over the next few months.

Should I get my MOT before the extension is over?

The MOT exemption period was cut short to help mechanics and garages recover from the impacts coronavirus had on business. However, motorists are under no obligation to adhere to the new extended date. If you feel it would be better to have your car MOT’d sooner rather than later, you are free to do so.

The problem many motorists will face now is actually getting a test date, as many will be scrambling to book theirs over the coming months at the same time. Readout more about what you need to do now the exemption period is ending by clicking here. is the easiest and quickest way to get quotes from garages and mechanics in your local area, saving you both time and money. Get your car MOT ready today!

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