MoT test Changes 2018

Feb 1, 2018

MoT test Changes 2018

The MoT test is changing this year and there have been a few tweaks that are important for drivers to know before booking their MoT test. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA formerly VOSA Vehicle and Operator Services Agency have added categories of fails in the new MoT test, the new categories are dangerous, major and minor. Car owners can still pass the MoT test if they get a minor fail, however, it will be recommended to fix as soon as possible, dangerous and major will count as an automatic fail.

There also been changes to the MoT test to make it tougher on diesel vehicles to pass. The emissions on all diesels will be tested so it's important to ensure your DPF is in working order, all diesel models come as standard with diesel particulate filters, so if there are signs that the DPF has been tampered with this will be counted as an automatic fail. If the DPF is removed this is also an automatic fail, some diesel drivers remove their DPF filter to enhance the performance of the car and improve their miles per gallon if there is any smoke whatsoever diesel drivers could fail their MoT test.

The test changes are due on 20 May 2018.

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What exactly is changing with the MoT test in May?

New MoT test changes 2018

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