Local MOT Advice - Northern Ireland

Nov 2, 2020

Local MOT Advice - Northern Ireland

Across the UK, MOT tests will check that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. It is an offence to use a vehicle of MOT test age that doesn’t have a current test certificate on a public road.

How to check your car’s MOT in Northern Ireland

In the UK, you can head over to gov.uk to check the MOT status of a vehicle to find out when your next test is due and also some additional information regarding previous MOT tests carried out on a vehicle. However, you can’t check the MOT history online for vehicles tested in Northern Ireland.

When to apply for an MOT?

You can apply for an MOT test in Northern Ireland up to three months before a vehicle is due for a test. A vehicle can be tested up to 28 days before the current vehicle test certificate is due to expire, these unexpired days can then be added onto the certificate expiry date so you can still get a certificate which is valid for a full year from the current date of expiry.

No unexpired days can be added to a certificate issued in Northern Ireland from a certificate previously issued in Great Britain.

What is checked on an MOT test?

Listed below are the main elements that are checked as part of the MOT test, nearly half of all faults found during MOT checks could be avoided by carrying out simple maintenance so it’s worthwhile checking items like lights, tyres and wipers beforehand so that your vehicle has the best chance of passing.

● Lamps, reflectors and other electrical equipment

● Brakes

● Steering

● Suspension

● Tyres

● Seat Belts

● Body structure and other general items

● Exhaust

● Fuel and emissions

● Drivers view of the road

For more MOT advice and guidance, head to nidirect.gov.uk. Get your vehicle checked over by a professional by a mechanic before your MOT test to ensure everything is in full working order, find a local mechanic in your area today with MyCarNeedsA.com today! Get your quote!

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