How to Swap A Car Battery

Jan 27, 2020

How to Swap A Car Battery

Car batteries are an essential feature of your car, and because they play such a big role in running your car, they can go flat. The experience of turning the ignition to hear a clinking sound or complete silence is enough to make your heart sink.

Car batteries are normally recharged by the electricity generated by the car’s alternator, unfortunately, they can’t last forever. Batteries don’t tend to be very expensive, however, costs increase by how much the garage will charge for labour. Fitting batteries in more modern cars can become difficult due to the amount of electrical systems, meaning a specialist is often essential for fitting a new battery.

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost?

Depending on the quality of the battery you buy and what type of battery you need, you can expect to pay anywhere between £50-£250.

How To Replace A Car Battery

If you’re going to change your car battery yourself, here is a guide on how to replace from home:

  • Locate your car’s battery and remove the plastic cover (not all batteries have one).
  • Remove the nuts holding the battery retaining bracket.
  • Check the battery for leaks or cracks, if you find any, stop and call a mechanic right away as battery acid is notoriously unpleasant.
  • Look for two battery terminals with leads attached. A red lead marked with a ‘+’ and a black lead marked with a ‘-‘.
  • Disconnect the negative lead first, gently loosening the nut, easing off the clamp and wrap the end of the lead in insulating tape.
  • Repeat this process with the positive lead, ensuring both leads do not touch or rest on metal.
  • You should now be able to lift the old battery out of the engine bay, most have a handle making this process easier.

Don’t Want To Replace your Car Battery Yourself?

If you don’t want to do replace the battery yourself, you can get a quote from a mechanic in your area willing to carry out the replacement process for you with

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