How Much Does It Cost for A New EV Battery?

Jan 2, 2020

How Much Does It Cost for A New EV Battery?

Batteries are essentially the heart of your EV, they define how far you can go and how long it will take to recharge. But how much will a new EV battery cost if you find yourself in a position of needing a replacement?

Does an electric car battery need to be replaced every five years?

A valid question, as for a normal petrol or diesel model car, the average life span of a battery is around four to six years. As for electric car models, this is extremely unlikely. The current prediction for EV’s is that their batteries can last up to ten years, or perhaps even twenty years before needing to be replaced.

Battery performance has massively outperformed the public predictions since the introduction of mass-produced electric cars.

What if I need to replace the battery in my EV?

This is not something that every EV owner will have to face. However, there may be some reason that you find yourself in the position of needing to replace the battery. According to research, modern EV’s have never really suffered from a severe battery degradation. When the time comes for batteries needing to be replaced in second-hand EV models, there is expected to be an aftermarket industry for batter and cheaper batteries.

What if there is a manufacturing fault with my EV battery?

If your car is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period, then the manufacturer should be the one replacing the battery pack. If you the owner decide to repair the battery outside of the warranty, you will have to pay to do so.

In the unlikely event that your EV model is suffering from battery degradation outside your warranty, then a viable option is always a battery reconditioning service. This would involve analysing your battery and replacing the damaged cells, which is expected to cost around £1500.

If you find yourself in a position like this, get in touch with one of our trusted mechanics who can look at your EV battery and advise you on the best possible solution. Get your quote today!


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