How Much Does an MOT Test Cost?

Mar 25, 2020

How Much Does an MOT Test Cost?

An MOT is an annual test that has been designed to check the safety, emissions and roadworthiness of a vehicle. This is a legal requirement for most vehicles over three years old.

How long does an MOT test last?

The test lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Back in 2018, the test had a complete makeover and stricter criteria were introduced. New fault categories were brought in, minor, major and dangerous, which are there to indicate to a driver how serious the problem is. If you receive major or dangerous, these are automatic MOT fails.

What documents do you need to take to an MOT test?

If you’re going for your first MOT test, you need to bring your V5C vehicle registration document with you. For all other MOT’s, you can take the V5C document and your current MOT certificate, but it’s not always required as documentation can be accessed online.

How much does an MOT test cost?

The cost of an MOT test will vary depending on the garage, but there is a maximum limit on the amount you can be charged which was set by the DVSA.

The maximum cost for cars seating up to eight passengers is £54.85. The maximum cost for motorcycles is £29.65. For full list of MOT test fees, click here!

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The average cost of repairs from an MOT test

Next up is the potential repair bill. The average cost of an MOT repair depends on what failed. The most common faults are often the cheapest to repair, such as a blown bulb which will only cost £5 and can be changed at home in a matter of minutes. If your windscreen wiper fluid is too low, that is also a fail and is a cheap and fast fix!

A lot of people also forget to get their car washed, half an hour of your time spent doing it yourself or taking it to a local car wash will make sure you don’t fail on something as small as this!

How much is the MOT retest fee?

There are a few different scenarios you could face when it comes to an MOT retest. Firstly, if your vehicle fails the test and you leave it with the test centre for repair, you won’t get a full MOT done, just the part of the MOT that the vehicle failed. This is known as a partial retest and when it is done within 10 working days of failing, it’s free.

If you take the vehicle away to be repaired and come back before the end of the next working day, the test will be free.

For more information on when it is free, click here.

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