How Much Do Wheel Bearings Cost to Repair?

Jan 21, 2020

How Much Do Wheel Bearings Cost to Repair?

What is a wheel bearing?

In short, a wheel bearing is a set of balls that are kept together by a ring. Bearings play an important role in ensuring a car runs smoothly as they aid the wheel to spin with as little friction as possible.

The wheel bearing is a part of the car that supports the wheel. The bearing itself fits into the hole in the middle of the wheel and is kept in place with lug bolts. It's these bolts that keep the wheel attached to the car itself.

Why do you need to repair a wheel bearing?

If there’s a problem with your wheel bearings, you will know about it because there will be an unusually loud noise coming from your wheels. It will either be a grinding noise or a clunking noise.

Other signs and symptoms of faulty wheel bearings are a shaking steering wheel when on the road, or your wheels do not move as well as they’re supposed to.

If you believe that your wheel bearing is faulty, it's an issue that needs to be repaired sooner rather than later because your car will not be safe on the roads. Wheel bearings will have a massive effect on your ability to steer your car is it’s meant to.

Wheel bearing replacement cost

Like all car repair cost estimates, price is going to depend on the age, make and model of your car.

As well as the above, where you choose to get your wheel bearing replaced is going to have an impact on the cost as garage labour costs will vary.

The average cost of wheel bearing replacement in the UK is around £200-£400.

If you are having wheel bearing trouble and need a repair as soon as possible, we can help with that! Here at, we gather quotes from local mechanics in your area.


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