Complete Guide to A Clutch Replacement

Nov 8, 2017

Complete Guide to A Clutch Replacement

An Easy Guide to How the Clutch Works

Before finding out all you need to know on clutch replacements it’s worthwhile trying to understand how it works. Without over complicating it, a clutch transfers the power between the motor and the transmission (also known as the gearbox) which ultimately drives power to the wheels.

The clutch engages when your foot is off the pedal which pushes power from the engine to the transmission which makes the wheels move and then you press the pedal in this stops the power from the engine to the transmission.

Clutch Replacement

What Are the Tell-Tail Signs of a Clutch Replacement

Now you are aware of the main parts and exactly what happens when you are using your clutch, you can now appreciate that the clutch is quite complex. When your car needs a clutch replacement, it is not something you can fix yourself at home unless you are a professional mechanic or technician.

Look out for smoky smells or a burning smell, this is most likely to happen from riding the clutch when sitting in traffic, overheating or just general wear and tear after a long period of time.

Check for any clutch slipping, are the gears functioning correctly? If you are trying to change gears and it keeps slipping, then it is likely you will need a clutch replacement. If the car has very high revs and will not go above a certain speed or takes longer than usual from a stationary position, then a clutch replacement is likely.

These are the main symptoms to suggest that your car will need a new clutch, there are more symptoms however they can also signal other issues in your car and the above are the most obvious symptoms of a clutch replacement. Before going to any garage, read up on your symptoms and always try getting a quote for your clutch replacement before getting the work carried out.

Don’t Fear the Clutch Replacement Cost

A clutch replacement cost can be expensive and cause a lot of inconvenience to your routine if it has just happened all of a sudden. Typically, clutch replacement costs are determined by what exactly needs to be replaced due to the many different components of the clutch it is difficult to pin an exact price considering there are a lot of variables.

Typically (but not in all cases) a clutch replacement is not covered by warranty, this is just down to wear and tear, always ask the question if you do have warranty on your car. A clutch failure can occur from so many varieties of reasons but typically down to the driving habits and driving conditions.

A clutch can last up to 10 years in some cases, but it is recommended that your clutch is checked at 60k miles up to 100k miles. If you are buying a used car in this mileage range, then always be sure to ask has the car had a clutch replacement and when would you expect it to need a replacement?

However, do not fear the costs of a clutch repair, with you can get quotes online for your clutch replacement without speaking to anyone. Put your registration number and a few details to help garages near you quote on your job. You should receive quotes from a multitude of service providers from fast fit chains to large dealerships and smaller family run garages, the choice is then in your hands.

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