Can I Get a Fuel Cap Replacement?

Sep 26, 2019

Can I Get a Fuel Cap Replacement?

A fuel cap secures entry to the fuel tank of a car and is usually made of metal or plastic. Most fuel filler caps have threads, which are fixed to the tank pipe. You will find that a rubber gasket at the top is compressed when your petrol cap is fixed, which helps stop fuel and fuel vapour leaks.

Air vents are used in fuel caps to allow air to enter the tank and maintain pressure. Fuel caps can have locks within them requiring your car key to open them, or they are sealed by turning until you hear a clicking sound.

How do I know if I need to replace my car’s fuel cap?

We advise that you regularly check your car for any signs of fuel cap failure, which can come in the form of:

  • Petrol or diesel vapours around or close to the car fuel cap.
  • Split or missing gasket.
  • Cracks in the cap.
  • The threads on cap are stripped.

If your engine management light is showing on the dash, this could be a sign that your fuel cap needs a replacement.

Fuel cap replacement cost

A fuel cap will cost on average £8, this will all depend on what type of fuel cap your car requires (plastic or metal). It is one of the cheaper parts of your car to replace and anyone can get a replacement if they want to. If you don’t want to do the job yourself, you can visit one of your local mechanics who will be willing to locate and fit a new car fuel cap for you.


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