Can Curbed Wheels Be Fixed?

Aug 28, 2019

Can Curbed Wheels Be Fixed?

Among all the bad noises we dread hearing with our cars, there’s nothing like the pain of hearing one of your expensive alloy wheels scrape against a curb. But, don’t panic! There is some good news, because unless you scored a direct hit that damaged the wheel structure, the ‘curb rash’ can be fixed. HALLELUJAH!

As new cars are increasingly turning away from the use of steel wheels and using aluminium-alloy and all-aluminium wheels as standard. This in turn, has sparked a growing demand for the repair of curbed wheels.

Scratched rims repair cost will vary depending on a few factors such as, the amount of damage, the type of metal used in the wheel, whether it’s painted or has a clear-coat finish. A repair will generally cost far less than the price tag of a new or used wheel.

What is Involved in Curbed Wheel Repair?

Curb damaged rim repair involves removing all dirt, paint and protective finishes. The damaged area is then sanded down, patched with filler and sanded or buffed to remove those scratches. The damaged area will then be primed and painted to match the original finish and topped with a clear-coat finish.

If a wheel is curbed hard enough, it will result in more than just cosmetic damage and that should be fixed ASAP. Corrosion can occur because of oxidation from scraping off paint and clear coat finishes. Unrepaired wheel damage will also trigger excess wear-and-tear charges at the end of your lease term. Something you definitely don’t want to run into!

Curbed wheel Repair Near Me

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