Burning Rubber Smell: Explained!

Aug 20, 2019

Burning Rubber Smell: Explained!

The smell of rubber isn’t the nicest and will make you question “what is causing that burnt rubber smell in my car?”

So, if you have just nailed several donuts in your car, then the smell of burnt rubber will linger for a few days, if not then you need to investigate and find out why your car smells like burnt rubber,

To make your life easier, My Car Needs A have created this post to help you find the problem.

Rubber Hose

Engines contain a number of rubber hoses which are all essential for the engine to work. However, over time it’s not uncommon that these hoses will become loose due to the vibrations of the car. If the hose does become loose and disconnects, then it’s possible for it to be in contact with the engine as you are driving your car. The engine will run at extremely high temperatures as you are driving, and will, therefore, cause the rubber on the hose to melt and the smell of burning rubber will become pungent in your car.

Driving Belt

Within the engine, there are a number of components that rely on the driving belt for it to work. If any of these components seize up, then the driving belt will be spinning on the pulley and friction will soon build-up and a burning smell will be present. This will usually be followed by a high-pitched squeaking sound.

Gasket Oil Leaks

An oil leak is sometimes a result of a gasket or a gasket seal failing. If the oil leak spills onto the engine then you will start to smell a burning rubber smell.

If you are in the middle of a journey and notice this, then you can temporarily fix this by manually tightening the coupling surface of the gasket. However, a gasket needs to be replaced to stop further (and more expensive) damage to your engine.

Other problems that could cause your car to smell like rubber include;

  • AC Compressor Heating
  • Electrical Fault
  • Plastic Hitting Exhaust
  • Coolant Leakage
  • Oil Leakage

If you still can’t find the cause of your horrible smell, or you have found out that you need something replaced, then head over to our website and get a quote from us.

Our job is to make your life easier and find the best and cheapest quotes for you from your local mechanics. All you need to do is enter a view details and then pick the best deal for you!


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