5 Signs that your Car Oil Needs To Be Changed

Aug 8, 2019

5 Signs that your Car Oil Needs To Be Changed

It’s important that you are wary of when your car needs oil. Engine oil is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of your engine, keeping them clean and cooling and protecting them to stop your engine seizing up.

Over time, the oil will become dirty from all of the particles it collects from the engine and its chemical makeup doesn’t have the same lubricate properties as it did when you first put oil in. This is why it’s vital that you change your oil levels regularly to ensure that your car journeys are smooth.

Hence why we have named five signs that let you know that your oil needs changed.

1. Dirty, Dark and Coarse

Oil is an amber colour, and as mentioned above, over time the liquid will become dirty and will darken in colour due to constantly moving around your engine parts.

There is no sign to tell when the colour starts to change, so we recommend checking the colour and consistency of your oil every month or so. To do this you will need to;

  1. Remove the dipstick from your engine
  2. Wipe it clean
  3. Put it back in
  4. Remove it again

If you can see the stick through the oil, then your oil is fine. But to make sure you should check the consistency of the liquid by taking a little bit of oil of the dipstick and rubbing it between your thumb and fingers. If the oil is coarse and/ or gritting then it’s a sign that your oil needs to be replaced. Another sign will be the colour of the liquid; if it’s thick and dark, you will need to change your oil ASAP.

2. Many Miles

If you’ve recently racked up a lot of miles it would be a good idea to check your manual guide and see when your manufacture recommended an oil change.

We would usually recommend that most cars, regardless of the make should have their oil changed every 3,000 miles or three months; whichever comes first.

3. Check Engine Light

If you aren’t sure the last time you changed your oil, do not panic. Most cars these days will keep a track of it for you and when it’s time for an oil change, an orange light or message will show up on your dashboard advising you it’s time for to change your oil.

If you see this light, check your oil with the dipstick using the same method from Sign 1. If there are inconsistencies to your oil then you need to get it changed.

If a dripping oil can light appears on your dashboard then you need to stop the car and turn the engine off ASAP. this light represents oil pressure, meaning you could be driving with insufficient oil. Continuing to drive with this warning light on could lead to serious damage to your engine and leave you with a big bill.

4. Dropping Oil Level

If you have topped up your engine oil, but the level keeps dropping below the minimum indicator found on your dipstick then something is wrong. As the oil loses its lubricating properties, your engine will use up more of the oil to ensure it’s getting enough to keep its parts moving smoothly.

If you find yourself consistently topping up your oil, then it means there might be a leak or the oil is no longer good enough for the job and you will need to book a complete oil change.

5. Noisey Engine

Healthy oil provides a barrier between parts and helps them move smoothly and protects the metal from grinding on top of each other. So when your oil is no longer effective and loses its lubricating properties, the metal will begin to grind against each other. This will cause your engine to produce louder noises, so if you hear something unusual, it’s important that you see to it ASAP as it could cause serious damage to your engine.

Where Can I Get My Oil Changed?

If you are due an oil changed or think there might be something wrong, visit MyCarNeedsA.com and get a quote from us today. All you need to do is enter a few details and pick the best offer for you.

We did some research, and according to our UK garages the average amount you can expect to pay or an oil change is £94.97


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